The Arrows Whistled Along With The Tune


The Forever Search

For Treasure

An Online Exhibition

23rd October - 1st November 2020


Winner Of The Fitzroy Prize For Painting 2020

A competition on the theme of “The Weather Forecast” and in conjunction with the 160th anniversary of The Royal Charter Storm.

Mermaid's Purse (2)

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Barometer Readings

Barometer Readings

Captain of The Origin of Species

Captain of The Origin of Species

I'm getting really excited about showing all my paintings to you on the 23rd October.. so I thought I would share a wee taster for now.


These paintings are a reflection of my time in Anglesey earlier this year, where I undertook a two week residency. 


The images travel through the landscape; from lighthouse to lifeboat station, from slate quarry to copper mine, from shoreline to seabed; while also reflecting on my own personal connections to island life and beyond.


I was born and brought up on the island of Hoy in Orkney. 

My family have strong lifeboat links. My Dad was the mechanic and latterly the coxswain of the Longhope Lifeboat, and his brother died in the tragedy of the Longhope Lifeboat disaster of 1969. The relationship of this event to the Royal Charter Storm of 1859 was the nucleus for my explorations around Anglesey. 

The sea and the shoreline are an integeral part of me and my work. I use these elements to express a place where past, present and future collide, the over-world and the underworld join, where safety and danger intersect, and where the world of fantasy meets reality.


Following historic Anglesey stories from Dwynwen to Fitzroy to The Battle of The Menai Strait, I look at the links of these tales to present events, and strive to bring this atmosphere and emotional energy into my intuitive expressive paintings.



Painting Prize sponsored by

The Outbuildings, Anglesey

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