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Fresh Blood(single with video)-The Poozies

Schmooz 2018 


Soaking In The Bathtub(single with video)-The Poozies

Schmooz 2018 


Punch -The Poozies

Schmooz 2018


Seahames -Oceanallover

Oceanallover 2017


The Fiddletree -Otis Tomas

Fiddletree 2013


The Menagerie -Otis Tomas

Fiddletree 2010


Sandy Wright & The Toxic Cowboys

Navigator Records 2010


An Introduction to Carolyn Anona Scott

Garden Session 2009


Is It The Sea? Bonnie Prince Billy with Harem SCarem & Alex Nielson

Domino Records 2008


Storm In A Teacup -Harem Scarem

Vertical Records 2008


Do Whatever Turns you On -Aberfeldy

Rough Trade Records 2006


Hypnotised (single)-Aberfeldy 

Rough Trade records 2006


The Birnam Witch Project -Harem Scarem

Vertical Records 2005


Gold Fever, documentary and sound track box set

AUToNOMi 2005


Love Is An Arrow (single)-Aberfeldy 

Rough Trade Records 2005


Young Forever -Aberfeldy

Rough Trade records 2004


Heliopolis By Night (single)-Aberfeldy 

Rough Trade Records 2004


Vegetarian Restaurant (single)-Aberfeldy 

Rough Trade Records 2004


Cold Weather Dancing

Kinky 2004


Heart, mind & Soul -May Shaw & Tony Mitchel

National Institution of Continuing Education 2003


Let Them Eat Fishcake -Harem Scarem

Vertical Records 2002


Defenestration -Jacky Tar

Jacky Tar 2001


White Album -Sarah McFadyen & Kris Drever

Footstomping Records 2000





The Songs Of Sandy Wright

Navigator Records 2010


Freecycle Folk Eigg Island Going Green



Vertical Variations -Dolphin Boy (DJ Remix)

Vertical Records 2008


Orkney Folk

Highland 2008


Best Of Folk The Royal Oak

Magic Park Records 2008


The Rough Trade Guide To Music

Rough Trade Records 2004



EMI 2004


Heat The Hoose 2

Foot Stompin’ Records 2000

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