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Let Not The Deep Swallow Me Up (1)

Let Not The Deep Swallow Me Up

This phrase is the motto of the RNLI and is the inscription on each medal issued by the institution.

A token with symbolises a life saver and bravery.


It is in fact a biblical reference taken from psalm 69.

“Let not a flood of waters overflow me, Nor let the deep swallow me up, Nor let the pit shut her mouth upon me.”


I was struck with seeing these medals and the phrase. I did not know of the biblical reference at the time.

My thoughts were with the people from The Royal Charter Storm who had sunk to the seabed with their pockets full of gold. My thoughts were with the people who had collectively made the massive holes in the ground at the copper mine of Parys Mountain and the slate quarries of Snowdonia. My thoughts were also very much in the present. Here I was on an adventure 300 miles from home with an ever increasing presence of news of a world pandemic. We were all standing on the edge of the Corona hole fearing being swallowed whole.


Let Not The Deep Swallow Me Up (2)


Let Not The Deep Swallow Me Up (3)


Let Not The Deep Swallow Me Up (4)


Let Not The Deep Swallow Me Up (5)

As The Arrows Whistled Along With The Tune

Inspired by the story of St Magnus refusing to fight against the Norman earls and their army while he was under the control of King Magnus Bare-legs at the Battle of the Menai Straits in 1098. He sat on the longship singing from his Psalter, as the arrows whistled along with the tune.

I've Been Collecting Copper Coins


These our exceptional 


We are 


To pull

Our purse strings 

in in in in in in in in in in in in  

I’ve been collecting copper coins

I’ve been saving seashells

Keeping it all




I walked across the sea

Using two chairs as my stepping stones

It was easy at the shoreline

Where the water was shallow

But to be honest

I wasn’t really going anywhere.


There came a time when

I got kindo bored

Changed tack

Took to the depths

Standing on one chair

Pulling the other

Over the top

Then standing on it

And repeat.


This place is familiar

I’m sure I’ve been down

Here before

It was a bit tricky

Getting past the tangle

But once the chair legs

Had come free

The only thing left to battle with

Was the salty sea itself.

Continue your travels......





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