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Welcome to my print collection. 

These are giclée prints on archival or 'museum' quality fine art paper with pigment based archival inks, which are UV stable.

It has been proven that prints created in this way can be lightfast for up to 100+ years, depending on factors such as paper type and storage conditions.

* PLEASE bear in mind that these prints are ordered and put together by me, not an external company - so sometimes it takes time to get them out to you - if in a hurry please let me know & I will try my best*​

Hoy & Walls Parish Map


from £45



from £45

or buy the pair & get 15% off

This diptych was a commission from TRACS (Traditional Arts & Culture Scotland) to make a Parish Map which would reflect what the folk of Hoy & Walls claim as their own locality and what they value in it.

It did not have to be precise or cartographically correct, but instead illustrate locally distinctive activities and features which draw attention to the everyday things that make Hoy & Walls significant to the locals and different from the next.

It is to offer a way of communicating creatively and socially how rich the island is and show a glimpse of the vibrant life behind the obvious.

A painting for my home island, this project is very dear to my heart.


The island of Hoy in Orkney has two parishes, Hoy & Walls, and is made up of two land masses, connected by a short causeway over a tidal passage.


The parish of Hoy refers to the north end of the island rather than the whole island mass, while Walls refers to the south end.


The landscape of the Hoy parish is high hills and cliffs, the home to many birds and other wildlife, with the human population sitting about 40. As we travel further south and reach Walls, we then find ourselves in lower lands of green fertile farmland, with a higher population of about 350.

The two parishes are quite disparate as they are separated by a large expanse of hill land which has no human habitats for quite a few miles.


Sitting between the Atlantic Ocean, The Pentland Firth, The North Sea and Scapa Flow, the surrounding sea is as much a feature and presence as is the land. People travel by ferry for shopping, work and high school. Fishing and fish farming are primary occupations, and the Longhope Lifeboat is a major part of the community.

These are some close ups of my favourite bits.

Yole & Dragonfly & Seal

Yole, Dragonfly & Seal

from £30

Yole and Dragonfly

Yole & Dragonfly (square)

from £40

Fishing Boat & Gull

Fishing Boat (square)

from £40

Yole & Dragonfly (rectangle)

Yole (rectangle)

from £30

Fishing Boat & Gull (rectangle)

Fishing Boat (rectangle)

from £30


A selection of prints from the exhibition The People of The Sea, which was on show in The Orkney Museum, Kirkwall from 8-29th April 2023.

From £45

Seal Guy

From £45

The Great Heart

From £30

Bay (no.2)

From £30

Bay (no.1)

From £30

The Sound

From £45

The Spirit of Tarva

From £45

The People of The Sea

From £45

Cave Baby


Click here to view                           full exhibition


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